"Blanche Fedders" as played by Reva Rose
Bob Hope Special "MH2" Parody
Bruce Solomon

"The Carol Burnett Show" "MH2" parody "Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary"
"Cathy Shumway" as played by Debralee Scott
"Charlie Haggers" as played by Graham Jarvis
The famous "Chicken Soup" incident with Louise Lasser as "Mary Hartman," Reva Rose as "Blanche Fedders," and Norm Alden as "Coach Leroy Fedders"
Claudia Lamb
"Clete Meisenheimer" as played by Michael Lembeck
Dabney Coleman
David Susskind from the infamous "MH2" nervous breakdown on his show
Debralee Scott
"Dennis Foley" as played by Bruce Solomon
"Detective Johnson" as played by Ron Feinberg
"Donny & Marie" "MH2" parody "Marie Heartburn, Marie Heartburn"
Dody Goodman
"MH2" theme composer Earl Hagen
"Fannie Crookshank" as played by Sudie Bond
Fernwood, Ohio, as I imagine it
"Fernwood 2-Night" – the "MH2" spinoff
"George Shumway" as played by Philip Bruns
Gloria DeHaven
Gore Vidal
Graham Jarvis
"Grandpa Raymond Larkin" as played by Victor Kilian
Greg Mullavey
"Heather Hartman" as played by Claudia Lamb
"Jimmy Joe Jeeter" as played by Sparky Marcus
"MH2" director Joan Darling
"Leroy Fedders" as played by Norm Alden
Lousie Lasser
"Mae Olinsky" as played by Salome Jens
"Martha Shumway" as played by Dody Goodman
Martin Mull
"Mary Hartman" as played by Louise Lasser
"Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman" titles
"Merle Jeeter" as played by Dabney Coleman
"Mrs. Defarge" as played by Nedra Volz
Norman Lear

 "Pat Gimble" as played by Susan Browning

 "MH2" costumer Rita Riggs

"Roberta Walashak" as played by Samantha Harper

"Tom Hartman" as played by Greg Mullavey

Victor Kilian

"Wanda Jeeter" as played by Marian Mercer


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